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Trad - colloquial, short for "traditional Irish music"; also: short for "traditional", the celtic (what ever that means) or anglo-saxon version of the folk song.
Pack - a group of certain animals like hounds, rats or musicians

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We are currently planning dates for the next months. Requests are very welcome at post[at]trad-pack[dot]de .

  • 28.06.2017, 20:00 - Trad Pack at the Museum

    Trad Pack are playing an acoustic concert in a small, intimate setting, the Museum
    "Villa Erckens" in Grevenbroich.
    Tickets are available at the museum (Tel. 02181-659696) for 10,00€ and at the
    public library in Grevenbroich. Reservations may also be announced at
  • 02.08.2017 - Private Event, Kierspe

    Sorry, as this is a private event, there will be no admittance for the public.
  • 03.09.2017 - Irish Days, Leverkusen

    We are delighted to open the "Trad Day" of this year's Irish Days, taking
    place on September 3rd, 2017. Besides our gig, Bruktaria Pipes and Drums, Amo Kreutz,
    Strings & more and one more act (tba) will be presenting their programs.
    Free entry!
    Note: Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed in the park. Please don't bring your own food
    and drinks, as the festival is paid by selling food and drinks!
  • Further dates will be announced shortly!


Javana, Schwerte, May 17th, 2016 - Jigs: Timmy Clifford's Set

Three jigs we played as an encore at our concert at the Javana in Schwerte in May 2016. We were lucky enough to get supported by our host of the evening, the one and only Thomas Hecking on box.
Timmy Clifford's / Haunted House / Club Cèilidh

Susanne - box
Veronika - fiddle
Kevin - guitar
Micha - Banjo / Bodhrán
Thomas - Box

Javana, Schwerte, 17.05.2016 - Song: Ellis Island

A wonderful song that makes you think about the current situation in Europe. We played this song as an encore at our concert at the Javana in Schwerte in May 2016.
Ellis Island

Susanne - box
Veronika - viola
Kevin - guitar & vocals
Micha - mandolin


Reels: Martin Wynne‘s Set

Three Reels that are very well known to sessions in Ireland and Germany: Martin Wynne‘s (Martin Wynne) / Limestone Rock (trad) / The Congress (trad)

Susanne - flute
Veronika - fiddle
Kevin - bouzouki
Micha - bodhrán

Song: Maid that sold her Barley

A well known, traditional song, combined with a very modern reel that we got to know from the brilliant band Gráda: The Maid that sold her Barley (trad) / Mr. Brennan‘s psychological Problems (Gráda)

Kevin - vocals, bouzouki
Micha - bodhrán
Veronika - fiddle
Susanne - flute

Jigs: Sky City Set

Three Jigs: Sky City (Gavin Marwick) / Atherfield (Andy Cutting) / Nina‘s (Niall Vallely)

Susanne - box
Micha - banjo, bodhrán
Kevin - bouzouki
Veronika - fiddle

Song: Since Maggie went away

A famous song, words and music are written by Sean O‘Casey.

Kevin - vocals, guitar
Veronika - fiddle
Micha - banjo
Susanne - flute

About Trad Pack

Trad Pack is a pack of musicians who dedicated to Irish music. Those four present a thrilling mixture of traditional and modern tunes and songs.

Kevin Sheahan (vocals, bouzouki, guitar), Susanne Kamp (flute, box, whistles), Michael Kamp (bodhrán, banjo, mandolin) and Veronika von Rüden (fiddle) have been active members of the Irish music scene in Germany for many years. They have been known for bands like The Stokes, Craig Herbertson Band or airím, as well as being very welcome guests to several Irish music sessions all over Germany and Ireland.

Kevin Sheahan - vocals, guitar, bouzouki

Kevin has been renowned as the singer with the distinctive voice with The Stokes.
At Trad Pack he's about to show that he is very capable of playing Irish tunes on guitar and Irish bouzouki, too.

Susanne Kamp - flute, box, whistle

Susanne started her musical career with the well known duo airím in 1998. She was a member of multiple bands since, like the Craig Herbertson Band, Maik Goth Band or Spideog. The Irish flute and the box are Susanne's main instruments, which are complemented by tin and low whistles once in a while.

Veronika von Rüden - fiddle

Veronika has been enjoying playing traditional Irish music at sessions and in changing bands since she heard that music in Doolin, at Ireland's western shore, for the very first time. She made Ireland's County Clare her second home, where she has been getting inspired by the vibrant local music scene and where she has been meeting musicians from Ireland and all around the world. Veronika's specialties have been the full sound of her fiddle and her musical intuition.

Michael Kamp - bodhrán, banjo, mandolin

Michael is considered to be one of Germany's best and most dedicated bodhrán players. But he's not that bad a banjo and mandolin player, too. Michael has been a member of different bands during the last years, like Spideog, Maik Goth Band or the Craig Herbertson Band. He's a welcome guest musician and can be seen with several bands on stage or at the studio.


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